Our Location:
1901 Brantley Rd #3, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Ft. Myers, Florida

Was in a writing mood tonight and jotted down a few notes about how I feel about The Shiva Yoga Shala – after being opened for it’s first three

Shala means “home”. It’s a safe place to connect to your heart’s purest desire. To connect to your truth, to your purpose. We are here to support you on this most important journey. A journey of this magnitude requires strength, stress reduction, dedication, flexibility, simplification, calmness of mind, sharpness of mind, energy, inspiration and motivation. All these can be practiced, honed in, fully developed and fully expressed through the practice of yoga. And when one takes the practice off the mat and into the world – that’s when one is most alive. Working on the things that matter – the heart’s purest desire. This is our purpose at the Shala. To support you on your journey of your heart’s purest desire. To do anything less, is not yoga.