Our Location:
1901 Brantley Rd #3, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Ft. Myers, Florida

Helpful Tips and Etiquette

Please turn off cell phones before entering the studio.

Please practice good hygiene.

Avoid wearing any scents.

Avoid eating 2 hours before any Vinyasa class.

Please wipe up your sweat before you leave.

Clean your Yoga mat after practice. Mat cleaner is provided in our prop room.

Please let your teacher know if you have injuries or limitations so they can assist you with proper modifications.

Take good care of yourself. If you feel pain, back off and STOP immediately. Discomfort is okay, pain is not.

Yoga is not the practice of muscling through pain, it is the practice of taking great care of yourself.

If you need a rest during practice, take one.

Where you are, right now, is perfect. Give yourself permission to be new.

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