Our Location:
1901 Brantley Rd #3, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Ft. Myers, Florida

For those who are very new to yoga as well as experienced students who are looking to deepen their practice with individual instruction, we offer one-on-one lessons with our highly trained instructors.

If you are new to yoga… you may consider scheduling a private session instead of a group class if: You are unsure that you are practicing the poses correctly and safely; During classes you feel lost or left behind by the instructions; You simply want to feel more confident in your practice before participating in front of a group.

If you are an experienced student… you may consider scheduling a private session to: Fine tune your alignment; Work on advanced poses not typically done in a group class; Deepen your understanding of yoga principles and practices.

Yoga Privates are scheduled at your convenience and are $85/per session or $400.00 for a pack of five. Stop by the front desk today to schedule your session through your MindBody account!

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