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*Perfect for new beginners

Ageless Yoga*

No matter your age or physical ability, Ageless Yoga is right for you. It’s based on the Ageless Program, founded by Nick Montoya, which makes Yoga accessible to all. All of the poses and flows can and will be modified for wheelchair, chair, ground, and supported standing. Aqua Yoga is done in the pool and reduces stress on the joints. Connect your movement to your breath and experience life-changing transformations that has already occurred for so many through The Ageless Program.

If you thought you never would be able to do yoga, always felt left-behind by fast-paced classes, or felt intimidated by instructors in the past— then Ageless Yoga is right for you!

All Levels Shiva Flow

Our signature class: vigorous, dynamic, flow-based yoga where variance and creativity are the norm. Each class differs from the last to help you find your edge. In this class, we evoke the energy of Shiva embodied as Lord of the Dance. This is the full expression of vinyasa as moving meditation.

When linking breath with movement, the practice becomes dancelike — an interplay of motion and stillness—Shiva/Shakti. Strength, flexibility, balance and cardio come into harmony. Described as “an awakening,” the only way to truly understand is to do it.

Awaken your consciousness, let go of ego, strengthen your body, and flow (and sweat) on the path on to find the self. We suggest you have previous experience or have a familiarity with Sun Salutations A & B before tackling an all levels class.

 Beginner Basics*

Basics class is a place for people to begin their yoga practice or to reconnect with their yoga roots. But let’s be clear,
a Basics class is no less challenging than any of the other classes. In fact, because the poses tend to be held and felt longer,
it can be even more challenging.

Our class moves slowly and consciously, poses are felt and held for 5 breaths or more, and you will feel your strength and flexibility build from class to class. Your teacher will give suggestions for modifications to increase or decrease the intensity. This class focuses on building your practice on a strong foundation of breath, conscious movement,
compassion for where you are right now, and proper alignment. Strength, Flexibility, and BLISS is right around the corner!

Heated Power Vinyasa

Ready to feel amazing and rejuvenated? Then our heated Power Vinyasa class is for you.

These classes feature teacher’s-choice creative sequencing that gets you moving, breathing and sweating through challenging, yet invigorating flow yoga classes that heal, detoxify and electrify! Inspiring music helps create the complete power flow experience that will improve flexibility, as well as sculpt, hone and tone the muscles of your body and your mind.

Power Flow classes may include several vinyasa flows,
spinal twisting, long holds for maximum strength, focused abdominal work, inversions and arm balances. Keen focus, concentration, control of breath, and determination are required – Shiva strength engaged!

We suggest you have previous experience or have a strong familiarity with Sun Salutations A & B before tackling an all levels class.


End of Week Candlelight Restorative*

The name says it all! Our signature Candlelight class draws from Restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra to achieve the ultimate in relaxation. You will be using props to help fully support you in your relaxation, while allowing your body to receive the full flexibility benefits of the postures. Feel free to come in your jammies and comfiest socks. Gift yourself with R&R at your SYS home. Give yourself this gift of luxurious relaxation and restoration.

Slow Flow*

Slow Flow is a mindful, slower paced yoga class with a conscious Vinyasa flow (linking breath to movement) as its core. This class is appropriate for beginners who want to build strength in their flow, without diving into a hard-core class that could be frustrating. The challenge in the class is from awareness of movement and breath that is slow and focused- Feel those muscles shake! “If you are feeling it, you are doing it,” and you will definitely connect and feel every muscle in your body.
This class will build strength, detox cells through breathing and sweating in the warm room, increase flexibility and range of motion through our signature Shiva dance-inspired vinyasa.

It includes focused and gentle opening of the body and spine, foundational yoga poses and sun salutations, attention to detail on breath and alignment, and some long holds for strength.
Keen focus, concentration, control of breath, and determination are cultivated in Slow Flow- Shine your Shiva strength!

Yin Yoga*

Want flexibility? Got joint issues? Sciatica? Tightness? Do you want to have more openness, extension, and balance in your yoga practice? Then Yin Yoga is the class for you! Whereas Power Vinyasa Yoga (yang) emphasizes activity, muscular strength and stamina, Yin Yoga focuses on stillness in passive postures, lengthening the connective tissues and allowing gravity to do the work.

Most Yin postures (asanas) are held for 5-7 minutes, and in doing so, the body responds by making connective tissues longer, stronger and more pliable.

This practice is all about exploring your “edge”- the sweet space in between discomfort and pain. Yes, we go THERE. Your teacher will be the motivation to breathe through the intensity, to quiet the mind, and allow your body and spirit to be open to the healing properties and energy movement of this practice.

Yin Yoga is MEDICINE for your joints and connective tissues. This space provides students with the opportunity to listen deeper than ever before to the messages the body has to offer. This class is accessible to all levels, including first timers.


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