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Ft. Myers, Florida

NAME:  Liz Strait

SUN SIGN:  Libra

WHY YOGA:  My very first yoga class was a Heated Level Two Power Vinyasa Class that my friend invited me to without telling me what I was getting into…I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! But at the end of the class when I laid down soaked in sweat in that first Savasana I felt incredible.  At the time I thought that it was just a great workout, but looking back I know now that it had been mentally invigorating as well.  I was instantly hooked on that feeling, that mind-body connection that I’ve rarely found elsewhere.

LIFE BEFORE YOGA:  I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was in 4th grade; I continued to run track and play volleyball/basketball through high school despite the pain, but by the time I was in college I was running and playing sports less and less because of my arthritis and was actually in a lot of pain even when I wasn’t doing all of that high impact activity.

LIFE AFTER YOGA: When I found yoga I found a way to continue challenging myself physically without the impact on my joints.  It not only allowed me to be physically active without pain, it also improved my overall well-being to the point that my arthritis went into remission, it hardly ever bothers me anymore.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME:  Bubbly, friendly, and inquisitive.

MY FAVORITE MANTRA OR WORDS OF WISDOM: “Appreciate yourself, love yourself.” and “Good morning!”

IF I WAS AN ANIMAL, I WOULD BE: A bird! Or a tiger… I’m indecisive lol 

I’M SCARED OF:  Wasting time and missing out

3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE MY TEACHING STYLE ARE:  Encouraging, fun, and relaxed

MUSIC THAT YOU MIGHT HEAR IN MY CLASS:  Anything from traditional Indian chants to Michael Franti or the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

WHEN I AM NOT PRACTICING OR TEACHING AT THE SHIVA YOGA SHALA YOU CAN FIND ME:  Reading, walking my dog Watson, or going on adventures with friends.


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